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Industrial V-Belts
Common V-Belts and Rawedge Cogged V-Belts
Narrow V-Belts and Narrow Cogged V-Belts
Banded Belts
Link belting
Hexagonal Belts or Double V-Belts
Variable speed belts
Poliuretane belting profiled carrying surface

Flat transmission Belt
Synchronous Belt or Timing Belts
Trapezoid tooth and Round tooth
Double sided ( trapezoid tooth and round tooth)
Ridded Belts PH-PJ-PK-PL-PM

Industrial hoses high flexibility
Hoses for general use
Atoxic hoses
Multi purpose hoses
Fumigation hoses
Hoses used for neumatic hammér
Hoses used for gas
PVC Hoses for watering
Hoses for milky use


Solyon Nets different uses
Nonskid pastes and aerosols
Rubber plates
Masks to weld
Unions of wire
Unions by plates
Unions by rivets
Unions hinged plates
Plate unions

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Linneo 2085 (1416) Capital Federal. Phone/fax: 4581-9785/4584-1224
Nextel: 537*1514
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